Do not just entertain the spectators or guests at your next event, leave them speechless! We will make you a part of the show with our once in a lifetime entrance from the sky.  Read More…



Your wedding rings, the game ball or even an award.  Whatever the event, we can hand deliver your items from the heavens.  Patriot Parachute Team customizes each performance to fit your unique needs.  Read More…



At Patriot Parachute Team, giving back to those who have served is a top priority.  We reach out to the wounded veterans community and their families in every city we perform.  Read More…

  • Warrior Wings Program

    When we fly our American flag at demonstrations, it is an amazing display that impresses spectators and gets the crowd excited, but it serves another, more somber and important purpose.  The flag is a reminder to all who see its 13 stripes and 50 stars that freedom is not free.

    As former Navy SEALs, we understand what it means to serve.   All of the former service members at Patriot Parachute Team have been forward deployed in combat zones and were fortunate to return whole.  Unfortunately, some of our fellow service members were not so lucky.  Many returned home missing limbs, suffering from PTSD or other life altering conditions.  It is our duty as brothers in arms and as Americans, to …

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  • Canopy Relative Work

    There are many disciplines in skydiving.  Canopy Relative Work or CRW (pronounced “crew”), is one of the most challenging and visually stunning forms of parachute demonstration.  CRW is the intentional maneuvering of multiple parachutes, called “canopies” into formations.…

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  • Delivered In Style

    Picture this, it is your wedding day, all of your friends and family are in attendance and you are standing at the altar.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen have taken their places beside you.   You are ready to say “I do,” but where are the rings?  Just then, you look to the sky and see a former Navy SEAL falling from 1,000 feet at more than 120 miles per hour.  He lands his canopy so close to the ceremony you can practically feel the wind as he swoops past.  He opens his jump suit pocket and hands a box to the ring bearer.

    Maybe you are looking for an exciting way to kick off the season at your teams home opener.  …

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  • Make An Entrance

    Think about the last event you attended.  How did the president, CEO, coach or other VIP make their entrance?  For decades the gold standard has been a limo and red carpet.  At Patriot Parachute Team, we are changing the status quo.  If you want to leave a lasting impression, let us give you a once in a lifetime experience that will have your guests or crowd cheering and on their feet.  One of our former Navy SEALs will take you for a tandem skydive and parachute you into the event.  Forget the limo, start your next event with an extreme arrival your guests will be talking about for decades to come!…

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